Kids Need Recess

Unstructured play for all students in kindergarten through 5th grade is an Alliance for Public Schools' Community Legislative Priority. Unfortunately, recess has been eliminated from many school days in the push for more rigorous academics. Parents, teachers and concerned community members across Florida expressed a desire to see recess restored to all schools. The "Public School Recess Bill" by Senator Flores (R) passed unanimously in all three of its committee hearings. Since the House did not pass the same version, Senator Flores added the recess bill to the testing bill in order for it to have a chance.

The House must agree to accept Senate Bill 926 which would reduce excessive testing and add recess for Florida's kids. Read the bill here. 

Call and email your representative and Speaker of the House Corcoran. Tell them Florida's children in kindergarten through 5th grade need unstructured time to play and less high stakes testing. Ask them to adopt the wording in Senate Bill 926.