Don't rob public schools to pay private charters


Florida's public schools were built with hard earned taxpayer dollars. We, the public, own those valuable resources. In addition, we have oversight through our elected officials. Public schools are a public good. 

Charter schools are private schools funded with public tax dollars. They are housed in privately owned buildings that are rented by charter schools.

Currently, public schools already have to share dollars budgeted for capital improvements with charter schools. Now, there is an effort underway to take even more of those precious tax dollars from public schools for construction or repairs on privately owned buildings housing charter schools. These buildings are not owned by the taxpayers and we will never see a return on that investment.

Senate Bill 376 has passed two committees and will be heard on Thursday, April 6th in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Read the bill here.

Take a moment to call and email the senators on the Appropriations Committee. Tell them to stop robbing citizen owned public schools to fund construction and improvements on privately owned properties.

We have provided a sample email below. We ask that you edit it and make it your own.