I support a reduction in testing

Florida's children deserve relief from high stakes testing. Use the easy tool below to contact your legislators. Tell them Florida's students should spend more time learning and less time testing. Tell them to support the bipartisan effort to roll back excessive testing in Florida's public schools.

A bipartisan group of senators has sponsored a bill to reduce the number and the use of testing in Florida's public schools. In addition, the bill (SB 926) eliminates many end of course exams and removes the use of student test scores in teacher evaluation formulas. The bill would:

  • Eliminate 4 state EOC’s: Geometry, Civics, US History and Algebra II state exams would be eliminated. 
  • Improve Teacher Evaluations: The required use of VAM (using test scores in teacher evaluations) would be eliminated.
  • Provide Paper Pencil Option: Districts could use non-electronic tests.
  • Allow for instructional control: The word “consecutive” would be removed from the mandated 90 consecutive minutes reading block allowing teachers flexibility in planning their instruction time.
  • Eliminate harmful "proficiency" language: A policy that would create a large number of D and F schools across Florida found in one of the House bills has been eliminated from SB 926.

At long last, this bill attempts to bring some common sense to the so-called "accountability system" and provides some relief to students, teachers and public schools. For a recap of the proposals, read this article from the Tampa Bay Times.

UPDATE: This week the House Education Committee passed their version of the testing bill but it doesn't give children relief from testing. We need to urge our elected officials to adopt the Senate version (SB 926) which reduces testing for Florida's children.

With one click- send a message to the House Education Committee, your representative and senator. Urge them to vote to reduce excessive testing of our students.  (Please edit the sample email below to make it your own.)