Stop making backroom deals to pass bad bills

A bill being negotiated in backrooms of Tallahassee would send $200 million to charter schools to turnaround under-performing schools in primarily low income neighborhoods. The proposed charters have no record of success at scale anywhere. 

The bill moved swiftly through an abbreviated committee process and will likely be determined by a few key decision makers away from public scrutiny or public debate. This has angered many stakeholders. Parent and community groups including the Alliance for Public Schools, Florida PTA and League of Women Voters are alarmed that millions of dollars of taxpayer money will be sent to private charters with no guarantee of success. Read the bill here.

Take a moment to call and email the legislators on the Conference Committee. Tell them Florida's children deserve proven educational strategies that provide positive outcomes not millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on speculative schemes. Use the sample email provided or edit it to make it your own.