Fund public schools

URGENT: Florida's kids need your help! Tallahassee politicians' new budget will devastate public schools. Valuable programs, vital staff and essential projects will be cut. Kids need your voice today. 

The 2017 Legislative Session ends Monday. There is still time to act. Children need your voice now more than ever.

Use the tool below to easily send a message to your Representative and Senator. Urge them to keep their Constitutional oath and make children and their public schools a priority.

 Please take action above. Tell the Florida Legislature to VOTE NO on the conforming bill and budget:

House and Senate leaders held a secret meeting Friday and tied recess and testing to a devastating budget in a massive, last minute conforming bill. While we advocated for recess, less testing and the elimination of VAM, we cannot support this bill or the process that produced it.

Their budget gives students less than they did in 2007 while rolling back the Required Local Effort. In addition, they will funnel $200 million to unproven, out-of-state charter operators, re-allocate federal funds to charter schools, and give away precious capital dollars to improve private property leased by charters instead of repairing and improving tax payer owned assets. This is a blatant and calculated effort to underfund public schools and short change Florida's students.

Your voice is urgently needed to make sure children and schools get the resources they deserve. It is imperative that your representatives in Tallahassee hear from you.