Kids Need Your Voice

Governor Scott signed the controversial House Bill 7069 into law despite an overwhelming outcry from public education stakeholders and the public.

Children need your voice now more than ever. The new law has components that will damage our local public schools--  vital programs for the neediest children will be cut, precious capital dollars from the state will improve private property leased by charters instead of repairing and improving tax payer owned assets, and $140 million will be given to unproven, out-of-state charter operators. 

Use the tool below to easily send a message to Governor Scott and your Representative and Senator. Tell them Florida's students and their public education are important to our economy and a priority. Tell them they must fix this. 

-Email using your own words (or at least your own subject line) and tell them to make kids a priority.

Visit our website to read a summary of the new law, view the bill text, and review recent news stories and editorials concerning these policies. 

House and Senate leaders created the controversial House Bill 7069 "conforming bill" out of 55 different education bills and negotiated it in private. The bill tied recess and testing to a devastating budget and was widely viewed to be a political maneuver to pass failed House priorities. While we advocated for recess, less testing and the elimination of VAM, we did not support this bill or the process that produced it

Their law funnels $140 million to unproven, out-of-state charter operators, re-allocates federal funds meant for our neediest schools, and gives away precious capital dollars to improve private property leased by charters instead of repairing and improving tax payer owned assets. This is a blatant and calculated effort to underfund public schools and short change Florida's students.

Your voice is urgently needed to make sure children and schools get the smart eduation policies they deserve. It is imperative that your elected officials hear from you.