You Did It! A Nurse in Every School

You advocated for funding for a nurse in every Pinellas County Public School and they listened! This week the Pinellas Board of County Commissioners voted to provide funding for a school nurse in every public school. The Board acknowledged that the state should pay the costs but agreed to fund the program while still pushing the state to do more.The proposal will slightly increase the millage with proceeds going to the Department of Health. The money would help fund a portion of registered nurse and licensed practical nurse positions. Currently, the Department of Health only funds 12 nurses that rotate between schools. Schools without a nurse have to call 911 which puts a drain on county resources. Thanks to your voice- schools can provide this valuable service to all children.

Please contact the Commissioners below and thank them for their vote. Tell them they did the right thing for the children of Pinellas County. Thank you for your support of the public school students in Pinellas County.

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Use the easy tool below to contact your Pinellas County Commissioners. Thank them for supporting children and voting for school nurses at every school. Share this page with your friends and spread the word.